Project Description

Elmwood School

Primary Applicant: Christine Basile
Student Population: All Elmwood School Students
Amount: $5,000

This grant funded a Smart Board for the Health Room at Elmwood School. The goal of the program was to explore how Smart Board technology could impact learning utilizing interactive games, virtual tours of body organs and systems, and real time data collection and graphing to bring the Health curriculum to life.
Impact: Three Health teachers have been able to share the Smart Board and use this technology to help deliver lessons to over 1,500 second and third graders since 2009. Each year, new applications are added. It will remain a crucial part of the wellness program.

Thanks to the Smart Board funded by EMC through a HEF grant, our students demonstrated an increased interest in learning about science and the human body. The Smart Board stimulated our students’ love of learning, their knowledge of health and fitness, and created an opportunity for creative and effective delivery of our curriculum. We do not have textbooks for health class, yet the Smart Board has allowed us tremendous flexibility to create our own engaging lessons. THANK YOU for your donation! You have motivated, encouraged, and supported hundreds of Elmwood students because of your generosity!
Christine L. Basile, SMARTer Health Classes