Project Description

Hopkins School

Primary Applicant: Elizabeth Mack
Student Population: 4th grade students
Amount: $3,675

Funding supported the design of a workshop model for math instruction along with “manipulatives” to help students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. This grant also funded a SMART camera, projector, software and math manipulatives to support the curriculum delivery.
Impact: The manipulatives continue to be used throughout the 4th grade. The tools have allowed teachers to differentiate instruction and to plan math instruction so that students are more actively engaged. Students are teaching one another by sharing their work using the Smartdoc Camera. Approximately 500 students have utilized and benefited from this grant since its inception.

“I use the manipulatives throughout the year, and the Smartdoc camera is used on a daily basis. I have heard positive feedback from parents about the math instruction their children are receiving, much more than I did before receiving the grant. I have heard from other teachers that they are often using the manipulatives I received to intervene with students who are struggling with concepts. Additionally, I have shared the teaching practices I have used with the materials from the grant with colleagues, and they use the materials, as well, as part of their instruction.”
Elizabeth Mack, Making Math Meaningful, 2010-2011