Project Description

Hopkins School

Primary Applicant: Maribeth Tremblay, Jennifer Jordan
Student Population: 5th grade students
Amount: $4,798

This grant introduced engineering and design into the 5th grade curriculum in order to generate enthusiasm for the field of learning. Engineering kits developed by the Museum of Science were purchased to encourage critical thinking skills and teamwork though hands-on activities in electricity, wind, simple machines, sound, insects, water filtration, and bridges.
Impact: The kits continue to be used today across the 5th grade. Since the inception of this grant, over 1,000 Hopkinton students have gained hands-on experience with these engineering and design concepts.

“Engineering is alive and well in grade 5. ALL of the fifth grade teachers now have Engineering as part of the curriculum (thanks to your grant funding). The students LOVE engineering. It is always a time that they all work together beautifully, smile, and think very creatively! I love it too!!! It is amazing to see their minds at work…”
Maribeth Trembley, Engineering is Elementary, 2007-2008