The Hopkinton Education Foundation was founded in 1992 to help advance innovation in the Hopkinton Public Schools.  The organization fundraises for the sole purpose of funding grants submitted by educators within the school district.  The grants cover the gamut – science, technology, art, math, library science, ELA and more – and are often cross-curricular and affect multiple grade levels.  Grant applications are submitted by educators in March of every school year.  All applications are then reviewed by our grant committee, which our entire board is invited to be a part of.  After much discussion within the committee in conjunction with the grant applicants, the committee chooses which grants to recommend to the board.  There are many factors on which these decisions are based however, the most critical is our mission statement and grant guidelines including innovation, critical thinking and impact to the school community.  The full board then votes on which grants to fund.  Grant funding is typically announced in May.

Our Mission

Hopkinton’s Education Foundation provides funding, ideas, professional development and other resources to educators so they can promote innovation that motivates students to become lifelong learners.

We accomplish our mission by partnering with:

  • Hopkinton Public School staff in their efforts to obtain and implement ideas that encourage excellence through creative learning;
  • Businesses, individuals, and other organizations for funding that will promote awareness of the Education Foundation’s mission, vision, goals, and successes.

Our Vision

The Education Foundation’s vision is to be the primary independent catalyst that energizes Hopkinton Public School educators to deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire students to strive for excellence and become lifelong learners.