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Hopkinton Education Foundation Announces 2017 Grant Awards

Foundation to Fund Grants Valued at $28,260 For Elmwood, Hopkins, Middle and High Schools HOPKINTON, MA – May 16, 2017 – The Hopkinton Education Foundation (Ed Foundation) awarded 6 grants totaling over $28,260 to schools in the Hopkinton Public School system.  These 6 grants were chosen as their ideas best met the foundation’s criteria for [...]

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Hopkinton Education Foundation Announces Mary Korbey Grant

HOPKINTON, MA, May 16, 2016 -  The Hopkinton Education Foundation is honored to announce the recipient of a one-time grant to honor Mary Korbey.  Funding of $6,750 will go to Leadership Training for High School Varsity Captains and its applicant, Deirdre King, Hopkinton High School guidance counselor.  The grant is named to honor the lasting [...]

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