HOPKINTON, MA, April 25, 2017 – The sun was shining, the High School was filled with runners and the anticipation was building. The months of prep had led Bill Goebel of Westborough to that moment at 11:15 when the gun went off and he began the 26.2 mile run that he had been waiting for; his first Boston Marathon in support of the Hopkinton Education Foundation. “The crowd support was amazing and like nothing I’ve experienced before and am still amazed that I could run for 26 miles and kept my hand up high fiving people the entire way.”

Bill’s enthusiasm for running was matched by his excitement to complete the race “I can agree with whoever gave the name to Heartbreak Hill for sure, but was still happy to sneak in under my four hour goal with 17 seconds to spare at 3:59:43.” Congratulations!

He would also like to “thank the Town of Hopkinton for hosting the start and to the Hopkinton Education Foundation for allowing me to run for them. We raised almost $7000 and am happy to be able to make a difference in lives like that. A special thanks to my family and friends for both the personal and financial support along the way.”

Congratulations Bill on your amazing achievement and for the significant impact you have made on the lives of the students in Hopkinton.

About the Hopkinton Education Foundation

The Hopkinton Education Foundation provides funding, ideas and professional development to help Hopkinton educators deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire students to strive for excellence and become lifelong learners. Since its inception in 1992, the Foundation has made over 330 grants valued at over $1.2 million. For further information, visit www.hopkintoneducationfoundation.org, or the Foundation’s Facebook page.

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