Specialty Grants

The Hopkinton Education was founded in 1992 by Reverend Stephen Gray to give Hopkinton citizens and businesses a way to fund innovative educational opportunities for the town’s students. Its purpose was to supplement the school system budget. Proposition 2 ½ was put in effect in 1982. A decade later its effects were felt with much of the funds for innovation and idea incubation having been stripped from the school budget. Bill Hosmer, then superintendent of HPS as well as a founding board member of the Education Foundation, met with Dick Egan, CEO and founder of EMC, and asked for his support. Mr. Egan wrote a check for $10,000 and a 20-year relationship was forged. EMC continued to support the Ed Foundation through the years with donations as well as being the lead sponsor of our Winter Gala in 2006. In 2007, after discussion with EMC, the Ed Foundation began our Grant Naming program. EMC decided to consolidate the funds donated to the Hopkinton Public Schools primarily into one annual donation of $5,000 to the Ed Foundation, allowing the funds donated to be more impactful in the STEM arena of education. The EMC Grant for Math & Science was born. At the same time, the Board chose to recognize Stephen Gray as the founding member by naming a grant after him. This grant recognizes which grant the board deems the most innovative after our founder.

Dell/EMC Grant

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Stephen Gray Innovation Grant



Transforming World Languages at HPS: Building a Digital Age Language Lab for our Students, 2013

This grant supports the creation of a mobile, digital-age language lab for students to build second language competence through real-life interactions. Digital Language Lab (DiLL) software offers creative, engaging, and user-friendly learning opportunities for students [...]

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