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Virtual Travel with Google Cardboard, 2016


This grant will enable the techno library teacher as well as classroom teachers at Hopkins and Elmwood to immerse their students in virtual field trips bringing abstract concepts to life as well as offering the students a deeper understanding of the world beyond our classrooms. It will fund 60 Google Expedition View Masters and [...]

Glass Fusion and Slumping, 2014


This cross curricular grant will impact all students at Hopkins School, providing them with a glass kiln which will help study glass fusion and slumping. Glass Fusion is a technology based, hands on learning experience that allows students to create unique glass sculptures that are fused or slumped (melted into a mold) inside the glass [...]

Transforming World Languages at HPS: Building a Digital Age Language Lab for our Students, 2013


This grant supports the creation of a mobile, digital-age language lab for students to build second language competence through real-life interactions. Digital Language Lab (DiLL) software offers creative, engaging, and user-friendly learning opportunities for students to practice speaking, listening, and writing in a second language. Teachers will have the opportunity to monitor students in real [...]

Creating a Sound Engineering Studio, 2012


This grant funds Pro Tools 10 Music Studio software and hardware which will enhance the music curriculum at the High School. Pro Tools is an industry standard which will be used to simulate a recording studio. The students will gain true 21st century skills as they use their creativity to produce professional recordings. This grant [...]

Establishing the Work of Professional Learning Communities: How Do We Respond When Students Don’t Learn, 2011


This grant funds in-house training to support the entire Middle School staff in their efforts to improve the process of student learning through Professional Learning Communities. This collaborative model will partner groups of teachers, guide shared planning time and leverage regular assessment feedback to better understand and address the individual learning needs of all students [...]