At the heart of Hopkinton Middle School lies an untapped resource to enhance and expand the education of current and future students while providing the town of Hopkinton with access to a unique community space.

For over five decades, a 7,680 sq. ft “courtyard” – enclosed at the center of the school – has sat unused. Likely designed to provide natural light to the inner classrooms, the courtyard has the potential to provide so much more.

For years, Maryellen Grady, a former 8th grade English teacher and current Assistant Principal of Hopkinton Middle School, would look from her classroom into the courtyard and dream about utilizing that space as a safe, outdoor learning environment where she and her colleagues could bring a new dimension to their lessons and inspire students; a place where science experiments, performances and poetry readings, club events, and after school socializing could take place; an area that would draw the community into the middle school to hold events and meetings.

Until now, that resource was inaccessible and unused.

For just over two years, a group of teachers, school administrators, students, parents and community members have worked together to bring Ms. Grady’s vision to life.

An outpouring of community support for the project, in the form of volunteerism and funding, has enabled The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Committee to realize its first objective. In just under one year (from September 2013 to July 2014), over $135,000 was raised due to the generosity of our greater Hopkinton community.  Through various special events, private donations, and charitable grants, Phase I of the Courtyard Transformation Project was completed allowing us to ready structurally and gain access to the courtyard.

Now, the 2nd and final phase of development is underway.

The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Committee has identified an agenda of Phase II needs totaling $100,000 to install the inner courtyard features including a performance space, flexible learning areas, gathering spaces, and additional features which will be identified as conceptual designs are finalized.  Because funding for this project is raised 100% through private philanthropy, The Sky’s the Limit Courtyard Transformation Project must rely on the continued generosity of our greater Hopkinton community to realize this vision.  It is our goal to raise all funding for Phase II by June 30, 2015 for work to be completed during the summer of 2015.

We ask you to join us in support of this initiative as Hopkinton Middle School continues to enrich and enliven its curriculum across all disciplines while at the same time providing the community with a unique outdoor gathering space.  Your financial contribution will be a lasting investment for current and future middle school students as well as the Hopkinton community.

Thank you sincerely for your consideration.