For the 2012 - 2013 school year, the Hopkinton Education Foundation has awarded approximately $45,000 for ideas and needs that best met the Foundation’s criteria for innovation in the Hopkinton Public Schools. The following lists grant descriptions, recipients and amounts awarded.

Center School Library: A 21st Century Library

This grant will establish an e-book collection in Center School Library with two IPads to support this acquisition. Staff will be able to access e-books from a laptop at home for lesson planning or from a smart board for direct student engagement. Students will learn to access e-books from an IPad at the Library or borrow at home using any hardware device

School: Center
Sponsor Educator: Susan Mello and Chris Kennedy
Amount: $3,253

Ba-nanos for Books

This grant will provide IPad Nanos for the first grade classrooms to enhance their listening centers. First grade classrooms will partner and share the technology to allow students the opportunity to listen to fluent reading. When students listen to a story through an IPod Nano while following along in their own copy of the book, they will expand their vocabulary, improve their fluency, and strengthen their comprehension.

School: Center
Sponsor Educators: Heidi Woods and Deb Davis, Mark Boisvert, Rebecca Williamson, Liz Farrell, Merideth Eckwall
Amount: $4,930

Hearing is Achieving

This grant will provide each Elmwood classroom with a portable digital recorder and will provide a more accurate assessment of students reading proficiency. The digital recorders enable teachers to assess an individual student’s reading level and create an oral reading portfolio which can be referred to as needed and help create a more strategic skills lesson.

School: Elmwood
Sponsor Educator: Frances Hruska and Ilene Silver
Amount: $2,470

Enhancing the Reading Workshop

This grant will expose all 5th grade students to 21st century learning tools and will enrich the existing reading workshops. This will result in progress for all students in different aspects of reading, foster independence, allow for differentiation and prepare students for upper grades where more technology is being used in the classroom and in everyday life.

School: Hopkins
Sponsor Educator: Heather Smith and Rebecca Eldman, Caitlin Mackie, Shelly Moran, Rachel Siegel
Amount: $4,531

Using Primary Sources and the Arts to teach American History

This cross curricular grant will allow the 5th grade American history framework to be taught through the lens of primary source artifacts, documents, paintings and the related arts. It will encourage exploration and inquiry into our history. Students will use critical thinking skills to create their own works of art through music, dance, sculpting and creating paintings of their own. These projects will connect to the Mesoamerica and the colonial time periods.

School: Hopkins
Sponsor Educator: Maribeth Tremblay and Betci Weldon, Kelly DaRosa, Donna Eichorn
Amount: $4,703

Lights, Camera, Action

Through the use of innovative technology and equipment such as iPads, Garage Band, iMovie, Story Talk, iCloud and Zimmertwins Animation, students design and create mulitsensory projects enabling them to learn and develop positive social competency skills that will enhance their ability to communicate, problem-solve and respond effectively to a broad spectrum of social situations. All 4th and 5th grade students will be involved.

School: Hopkins
Sponsor Educator: Jayne Shea
Amount: $7,210

IMovie and Garage Band

This grant funds innovative technologies to enhance and extend curriculum offerings in instrumental, choral and general music classes. All Middle School students will have access to Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, and Keynote to study, compose and record music; explore various aspects of movie creation; and develop podcasts and instructional videos.

School: Middle School
Sponsor Educator: Jeremy Dodge and Lisa Conant, Craig Hay, David Purdy
Amount: $6,500

Middle School Confidential

This grant funds the acquisition of Middle School Confidential, a new and interactive social skills curriculum that will be available to all students in grades 6,7 & 8. Topics include: Self-esteem; Self-improvement; Controlling Anger; Friendship Making, Responding to Teasing; Anxiety Reduction, Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving.

School District (K-12)
Middle School
Sponsor Educator: Debby Arienti, and Jim Casey, Arlene Casassa
Amount: $2,500

Virtual Breadboard (EMC Grant for Mathematics & Science)

This grant funds the use of Virtual Breadboard online simulation software which is an innovative and unique tool for students to explore circuit design and manipulate the inputs and outputs. This software will be piloted in the 9th and 12th grade physics and 12th grade logic classes to enhance the concepts presented in the curriculum and support the district goal of virtual learning.

School: High School
Sponsor Educator: Anita Lavakumar and Elizabeth Petruska
Amount: $1,000

Creating a Sound Engineering Studio (Stephen Gray Innovation Grant)

This grant funds Pro Tools 10 Music Studio software and hardware which will enhance the music curriculum at the High School. Pro Tools is an industry standard which will be used to simulate a recording studio. The students will gain true 21st century skills as they use their creativity to produce professional recordings. This grant supports the district goal of integrating technology into the music classes.

School: High School
Sponsor Educator: Steven Yavarow
Amount: $7,800


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