Teaching Effective Strategies

This Grant seeks to identify best practice interventions for dealing with students who lack focus. It will pay for an expert to observe these students in the classroom, provide training for teachers, and conduct a parent workshop.

School: Center
Primary Applicant: Jennifer Parsons
Amount: $5,000

My First Readers

This is an innovative method of teaching reading. This Grant will pay for books and CDs.

School: Center Primary
Applicant: Moriah Macdonald
Amount: $1,475

Teaching Reading Essentials

This Grant will pay for professional development DVDs for teachers.

School: Center
Primary Applicant: Sara M. Davis
Amount: $391

Writing Buddies

Ffifth grade students will mentor younger (first grade) students in writing. This Grant will pay for bus trips between the Center School and Hopkins, SMART cameras, projectors, and Skype cameras.

School: Center and Hopkins
Primary Applicant: Maribeth Tremblay
Amount: $9,075

Tools of Engagement

This is training from Apple Computer on use of Apple products.

School: All
Primary Applicant: Kathy Dooley
Amount: $9,960

Building a Critical Language Program

This Grant supports the Mandarin Chinese program in Hopkinton.  This Grant will pay for education for administrators and teachers on China and online courses in Chinese.

School: All
Primary Applicant: Mary Colombo
Amount: $9,500

La-La-La, La-La-LaLa Elmwood's World

This is a new technology tool for use in the classroom. This Grant will pay for SMART camera, projector, and carts

School: Elmwood
Primary Applicant: Thomas Keane
Amount: $4,060

Wellness  - A La Carte  - On a Cart

Students will observe and practice a modeled activity, and then be able to view their individual effort.  This grant will pay for MacBook laptop, projector, and carts.

School: Elmwood
Primary Applicant:
Christine Basil
Amount: $2,930

Read Me a Song, Sing Me a Story

This is an innovative integration between music and other  curricula.  This Grant will pay for books, CDs, and sheet music.

School: Elmwood
Primary Applicant:
Patricia Diamond
Amount: $2,785

Be Fit with WittFitt

This is innovative in that Pilates-type balls are used in lieu of traditional chairs to improve focus, fitness, thinking, memory, and core muscles of students.

School: Elmwood
Primary Applicant:
Ilene Silver
Amount: $2,230

EduGame System

This is innovative in that it employs a new interactive technology for teaching Biology.  The Grant will pay for wands (remotes) and a database of Biology questions.

School: High School
Primary Applicant:
Bethany St. George
Amount: $3,500

LiveScribe Smart Pen

This is innovative in that the new technology tool will capture the written words and voice of teacher for upload to Moodle.  The Grant will pay for four LiveScribe pens

School: High School
Primary Applicant:
Valerie Lechtanski
Amount: $950

Music Technology

This Grant will enable using technology for music instruction.  The Grant will pay for Macs, SMART board, and software.

School: Hopkins
Primary Applicant:
Craig Hay
Amount: $950

Making Math Meaningful
(EMC Mathematics and Science Grant)

This is innovative in that it employs a workshop model for math instruction along with "manipulatives."  The Grant will pay for SMART cameras, projectors, software, and math manipulatives kits.

School: Hopkins
Primary Applicant:
Elizabeth Mack
Amount: $3,675

Transforming the Middle School Library

This is innovative in that it is a complete redesign of the library space into a new learning/information dissemination
environment.  This Grant will pay for furniture to create the reinvented library space, laptops, a digital camera, and software.

School: Middle School
Primary Applicant:
Diane Norby
Amount: $9,656

GIS - Seeing the World in a whole New Way

This is innovative in that students will be able to model the way geographers and scientists study our world.  The Grant will pay for Mimio, GIS software, and professional development.

School: Middle School
Primary Applicant:
Tom Dowd
Amount: $7,257


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